If you have a need for a quality video production
but don't know where to begin, we can help.

We will work through planning, shooting, and post-production editing to
media delivery taking your video presentation from concept to reality.

We will work with you to quote
a custom service package within your budget.
Event Videography and Editing Package
Complete event videography PLUS post editing.
(also see our Performance DVD Packages on right)
Based on 2 static camera coverage. Actual cost based on time,
number and type of cameras.  
Additional coverage: $80 per
hour each static camera, $120 per hour each dynamic camera,
plus $60 per hour of required editing time.
Beginning at:
1 hour for $600*
2 hours for $900*

*Cost varies with options
Media Production
All aspects of media production including concept planning, scripting,
pre-production, video shoots, post-production, and media delivery
Day Rate
Half Day Rate
Videographer (Camera Equipment Operator)................
$50 per hour
Camera Equipment.............................................................
$75 per hour
Audio Equipment (Independent from cameras)............
$60 per hour
Video Editing, Audio Mixing, DVD Authoring, etc...........
$40 per hour
CD Mastering from DVD Audio
DVD audio track mastered to compact disc (CD).
Please note that audio CDs are limited to 80 minutes.
Multiple CD set determined by DVD video duration.
$50 per CD master
Revised September 2017.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Michigan sales tax may apply.
What will it cost?
Pricing out video production can be kind of tricky.
Ask someone in the industry for help and you’ll
likely get the typical answer… it depends.

Not very helpful when planning a budget and trying
to figure out your video production costs.  Some
significant factors contributing to cost are:

  • Concept planning and scripting time
  • Number of locations and video shoots
  • Number and type of cameras
  • Audio recording requirements
  • Other camera, lighting and audio equipment
  • Amount of editing time required
  • Post production effects processing
  • Amount text and other graphic overlays
  • Target media or live streaming
  • Complexity of interactive DVD menus
  • Licensing costs if required

Click here to get an information guide that gives
more insight on what affects the quoted price.

What Makes a Great Event Video?
A visually compelling movie of an event is created
by editing poignant video taken from dynamic
camera shots together with transitions in and out
of various static camera footage.

Cameras & Audio Equipment
Static camera video is taken by an unattended
camera from a fixed position providing steady
footage from the same perspective of the event.  

Dynamic camera video is taken by a camera with
an operator following the event action to capture
closeups of people, details and performances.

Independent audio equipment is often required to
capture high quality sound in close proximity to the
source and free of camera motor and other noise.

Videographers & Other Personnel
One or more videographers will be required to set
up and operate camera and audio equipment.  
Larger jobs may require additional resources such
as a director, producer, sound engineer, lighting
technicians, grips, etc.
Professional quality
at an affordable price.

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Duplication Cost
Single Units
5 or more
30 or more
Audio CDs
$12.00 each
$60.00 + $10.00 each unit over 5
$310.00 + $8.00 each unit over 30
Dual Disc Audio CDs
$18.00 each
$90.00 + $15.00 each unit over 5
$465.00 + $10.00 each unit over 30
Video DVDs
$15.00 each
$75.00 + $12.00 each unit over 5
$375.00 + $10.00 each unit over 30
Dual Layer Video DVDs
$20.00 each
$100.00 + $18.00 each unit over 5
$550.00 + $16.00 each unit over 30
Media Production
Video DVD media production includes the following services:
Duplicate video DVD discs from master source
Print DVD disc surfaces
Print DVD case cover inserts
Cut to size case cover inserts
Assemble video DVD discs and cover inserts into standard 14mm cases

Audio CD media production includes the following services:
Duplicate audio CD discs from master sources
Print CD disc surface
Print two sided CD case cover inserts
Print and cut to size CD back liners
Cut to size case cover inserts and back liners
Assemble CD, cover insert and back liner into 10.4mm jewel cases