"We are so happy with the wedding video. It is beautiful,
creative, so professional and unbelievably special.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will
treasure it always. All our guests, from now on, will not
be leaving our home, before viewing this ever so
special DVD of our daughter and our new son-in-law.
Thank you so much!!!"
- Mark & Karen Mannebach, Missouri
"When we took our 9-day trip to New England the big
question was how to preserve it in the 300+ pictures
that we took. You made our memories into something
that we can enjoy over and over by your editing and
adding just the right music.

It is a DVD to savor forever. THANK YOU!"
- Karen & Ted Fisher , Michigan
"We watched the video last night. AMAZING!!!!!! You did
such a beautiful job!! Joe and I couldn't be more happy!
I personally cried (tears of joy) 50% of the movie and
laughed the other 50%!

We are so thrilled to have our wedding on video. It
came out perfect and truly captured what a beautiful
day it really was. We are looking forward to showing it
to our families. Thank you so very much!"
- Jen & Joe Toreli, Michigan
"I think the overall film is the best I have ever seen of its
kind... the presentation, the pacing, the photography,
the narration, and the music are all simply delightful.

If there are other such films, I would dearly love to see
- Dr. John Grubbs, Texa
"When I presented my Dad's video to him, he was
speechless. I honestly did not believe that I would get
the reaction that I did from my family."
- Cathie Parker, Michigan
"We were beyond amazed at the beauty and quality of
your work.   We 'blown away' by the production.  We
thought we were watching a travelogue on TV.

Everything was so impressive, the jacket of the case,
the picture on the DVD, the fantastic quality of both the
stills and videos."
- Faye & Ken McDonald, Ontario, Canada
"Thank you so much for making us look good! It truly is
one of the nicest pictures we have had taken...
You are a consummate photographer!"
- Cecilia Strine, Michigan

You captured the day and turned it into a wedding story
which is fantastic!!"
- Mike Robinson-Koss, Australia